The Dental Studio | Reviews
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What our patients are saying.
It's given me a new lease on life!

– Patient Testimony

Dr. Butensky really made me feel at ease, which is saying a lot since I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. Luckily there wasn't much he needed to do beyond a routine cleaning, but he was pretty helpful in suggesting things I might need to get done in the future to keep my teeth healthy. I'd definitely recommend him.

– James P.

Love the place! Dr. B is great with kids and adults! And I'm loving the renovations! Clean and modern!

– Michelle Caravella

Great dentist!

– Irene C.

The staff is caring and considerate...I recommend this group.

– Kathleen McLane

Excellent! Very friendly, no pain 🙂

– Abigail G.

All the newest technology! Cosmetic dentistry at it's finest. Warm friendly staff.

– Crystal Mandall