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Latest Technology

State of the art technology, in everything we do.

Using New Technology at Dental Studios

Of course, good dental practices understand that excellent patient care and an organized, well run practice are important — but it’s also important to invest in the newest and most cutting-edge technologies that offer much more to patients — more comfort, more functionality and in general, a very different care model that can be less costly and less painful.

That’s why smart dental offices are implementing the use of new products that can help change how dentists perform clinical services. These technologies are exciting not just because they’re neat and new and full of bells and whistles, but because they really will offer an entirely different patient experience.

Visual Modeling and Related Dental Tools

One of the ways that new dental tools help dentists is by giving them a better view of the patient’s mouth.

Traditionally, dentists had to go in and visually count teeth and inspect cavity work and do all of their other observation with their hands and eyes. A while ago, that progressed to using dental x-rays. Now, brand-new products are coming on the market that make all of this labor-intensive work obsolete. Wireless scanning products like 3shape can help dentists to quickly and easily get a very detailed review of a patient’s dental work, cutting down on time in the chair, and giving the doctors a lot more good information to work with. This in turn leads to more effective dental treatment and more accuracy for the office.

New Treatment Paradigms

In addition to the types of visual and monitoring tools that help dentists to see what they’re doing, other technologies actually help to replace the old ways of working on teeth.

A water laser system called Waterlase should be very exciting to any patient who really hates going to the dentist. That’s because the Waterlase method actually replaces traditional drilling with a gentler, calmer approach. This is not a small detail for anyone who has to have cavity work or other dental work done.

Instead of grinding away at the teeth with a drill, dentists can use the Waterlase technology to remove some types of tooth decay and handle dental problems in ways that require less anesthesia, less recovery time and less of the bleeding and swelling that often happens during dental treatment.

Tomorrow’s Dental Office

It’s not hard to see how these combined technologies can help make dental visits less painful and less intimidating. When the dentist can get patients in and out the door faster, work more accurately and deliver gentler care, all of that translates into a real win for whoever’s coming in to get dental work done. Look for more details from The Dental Studios on how we use these brand-new technologies to make things a lot easier for our patients.